Get ready! Coming Over…

At the heart of a good wing shoot lies an appreciation for all the aspects that make for a grand day in the field. The careful scouting and laying of decoys. A well timed call as the sun rises to bring the Red-Billed teal and Yellow Billed duck swooping low over the reeds you are hidden in. Patience as the geese fly high, only to turn and dive down onto a green feed pasture. The well-trained pointer leading a careful zig-zagging route a short distance ahead to locate well hidden Fancolin and Guinea Fowl. Finally it is a well placed shot at a bird in the sky to cap of the experience.

There is a huge variety of species and wingshooting traditions and styles to experience in South Africa. Our personal favourite is a combination shoot over a day in the field. Starting with an early morning goose shoot over decoys where Egyptian Geese and the massive Spurwing Geese seek the newly planted green field of the local farmers. Mid morning allows a quick pursuit with pointers after Francolin and Guinea Fowl, followed by a traditional South African field “braai” lunch. Preparations them move to a Golden Hour sunset shoot for ducks or geese again, and a fine days wingshooting comes to conclusion.

A fun retrieve on double Yellow Billed ducks.

Spurwing Geese are enormous and plentiful.