Our Premier Concession

One of the largest continuous tracts of privately owned hunting land is the destination for your Limpopo hunt with Maartens Safaris. A third generation testament to what hard work and strict conservation through hunting can produce, this 40 000 acre concession is a marvel simply to be in, and here you are – hunting amongst free-roaming Big 5, tracking Kudu, Buffalo, Eland or whatever your quarry may be and seeing the tracks interrupted by Leopard or Elephant. This area has been nursed and developed over generations and, as a result, produces the experiences and trophies unthinkable.

Many may have led you to believe this kind of Safari only occurs beyond the borders of South Africa. They are wrong – true safari, an African Classic Safari, is alive and well here in the Limpopo. Just our most recent Sable hunts provided all the challenges, memories and reward one would think only belonged to days gone by.

You can read more about what a Sable hunt in the Limpopo with Maartens Safaris has to offer here:

Base Camp

Home in the Limpopo is a choice between two camps on the same continuous stretch of pristine hunting habitat. Both have all the modern amenities required by international hunters and a highlight of every stay in either camp in the fire-side dinners cooked by the affectionately named Chef Spider whose smile is unmatched when he welcomes successful hunters back to camp in the evenings.

The art of safari camp life has been perfected here and one can easily spend the entire day in camp, watching numerous species (and very often Elephant) come to the camp waterhole to drink while you enjoy a cappuccino or cocktail depending on which mood may strike you on any particular day.

Finally while camp is large enough to accommodate 8 hunters ( so your entire family is welcome) – you will always be the only hunting party in any particular camp as we have secured and maintained exclusive access to this destination.

You can download our 2024 Limpopo Brochure and Pricelist here