In the thick stuff after Cape Buffalo and silent strategising for Leopard

Nothing is as exciting as hunting dangerous Game in Africa. Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Hippo, Crocodile, Lion, Leopard and Rhino have captured the mind and soul of many a hunter. In the modern world we live in it is still possible to witness the power of conservation through hunting and pursue these species in their natural habitats.

Cape Buffalo have many a well-earned nickname or tagline, from Black Death to “looking at you like you owe them money”. Pursuit of old “Dagga Boys” never gets old and is highly addictive. Their demeanour and natural behaviour coupled with a toughness that is unmatched means you are in for a unique and exhilarating challenge.

Your first glimpse of Cape Buffalo through the thick Sickle bush, the pale face is a sign of an agieng bull, the type we want to hunt. Your move next…

Dangerous Game hunting offers your the opportunity to test your hunting skills and abilities in trying conditions in a way no other species do. Even the experience of being in the same environment as these special species is worth an entire safari on its own. Learn from the trackers as they take the track of a lone Elephant bull, optimistic for what might lay at the end of the track. Spot a glimpse of the dark shape of a Cape Buffalo through thick cover and patiently awaiting the perfect shot. Find a scratch and pug mark of a big Leopard, set up baits and cameras and begin to hope.

Dangerous Game hunting is not about “this could be it” moments, its a safari of “This is it!”