Big 5 country – true wilderness

Hunt with meaning and hunt with feeling in unfenced and untamed Botswana Wilderness. Conservation ethics matter in every step of your Botswana hunt with Maartens Safaris. We can only offer you this unique destination as a result of carefully nurtured relationships with NGOs and local communities where we have had to demonstrate the value of big game hunting in these areas endeavours to protect and conserve the natural heritage of this unique land.

The people group living in this area are the San Bushmen, a culture deeply entwined with nature with a heavy reliance on the natural resources that it provides. Our hunting methods are reliant on these bushmen, their expertise to track and hunt on foot. We believe that this provides our guests with a unique wild fair chase hunting experience

Camp life

Accommodation is provided in the form of mobile safari setup, providing our guests with the ultimate vintage hunting experience.

A mobile safari is exactly what it sounds like – a journey through a variety of different wildlife habitats, staying for a few nights in each area. When you move location, your camp moves with you. Each campsite is simply a designated, secluded area of bush with neither facilities nor fences. Before your arrival and after your departure, there is no trace that anyone has stayed there, and the wildlife is free to wander through camp at any time. It is amazing to watch the camp disintegrate during breakfast, only for it to reappear in time for sun-downers in a completely different location. In the evening, watch amber flames lick hungrily at the charred logs of the campfire as the barking geckos start their chorus and vociferous crickets float through the cool night air. If you listen closely, you might hear a wildebeest snort in the distance, the low roars of lions making contact calls to each other or even a rasping, saw-like cough resonating from the inky darkness – the unforgettable call of a leopard patrolling its territory.

Hunting in Botswana

This is vast Big 5 country – totally untamable. The KD1 and KD2 Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) we hunt, are situated in the southwestern part of Botswana within the Kalahari Basin and sits adjacent to the Kalagadi Transfrontier National Park (KTP), the oldest transboundary protected area in Africa. It is currently the largest unfenced wildlife hunting area in Southern Africa, consisting of 1,8 million hectares of spectacular Kalahari wilderness. The area has a 250km long boundary with the KTP itself, providing free movement of wildlife between the national park and the wildlife management areas. Chartering into this remote area is by far the easiest way to access your dream hunt and we will gladly assist with this as well as all other details of your safari.

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