Over 25 species of plains game draw hunters across the globe to Southern Africa. From graceful impala, to sneaky Nyala. From majestic kudu to enormous Eland. Starting down the rabbit hole that is hunting plains game in South Africa will keep you occupied for a lifetime. Hunters are free to choose between rifle or bow hunting and with the huge variety of species available the best attitude is usually to “Take what Africa gives you”

Hunting Safaris usually follow a particular theme or goal, whether it is a good time for friends and family, a first time hunt or a specific target species or collection that the hunter dearly wishes to complete such as the Tiny 10 or Spiral Horns. Communicating this goal is critical to putting together your desired hunt and ensuring we use all of our years of experience to put you in the best possible exclusive hunting areas where safari magic can happen.

Plains game hunting with us revolves around the key principles of Fair Chase and Conservation through hunting, the ultimate goal being to hunt the oldest possible animal, on foot with walk & stalk to allow the maximum chance at a clean and ethical shot. We hunt areas where the presence of your trophy animal is only as a result of conservation of its habitat and where a multitude and diversity of fauna and flora, huntable and non0huntable thrive as a result of your hunting investment.

Eland – the largest antelope in the world – and an excellent hunt.

And Blue Duiker – the smallest of them all – hunted in the Coastal Forest.

A stunning Nyala from our Northern Limpopo area – also a favourite amongst Bow hunters.

A huge tusker Warthog boar successfully hunted makes any tracker happy.