There really is nowhere to hunt quite like Africa

It all starts with that first Safari…

Your first pilgrimage to Africa as a traveling outdoorsman and hunter is the most exciting adventure you can embark on. We welcome you to a hunter’s paradise – where over 25 huntable species roam in South Africa alone and offer a lifetime worth of challenges to be taken on and memories to be made. It can be almost overwhelming choosing what to hunt, when and where. From South Africa, the entire continent begins to open up to you. From pristine unfenced Elephant country in Botswana, to the swamps of Mozambique and further North into Tanzania and Zambia where African hunting folklore was written.

With over 50 years and 2 generations of safari outfitting, we at Maartens Safaris can open the door to your African safari story or help you pursue what has until now evaded you. The places and concessions we take you to are hand picked from personal experience and relationships. It’s where we are proud to go ourselves, it’s where we take our own families to hunt and it’s where our long standing friends and clients have made their own memories.

From arrival to your trophies reaching your home wall and booking the next adventure is a precise process we will take utmost care in ensuring all services are excellently provided for and provide you the hunt you deserve while always maintaining the high standard of ethical and conservation minded fair-chase hunting we pride ourselves on.

Use the links below to learn more about plain’s game hunting – from classic Kudu and Springbuck (our National animal) to the Tiny 10, or begin to explore the most thrilling of them all – Cape Buffalo hunting, by following the Dangerous Game link below.