We are proud of where we have come from and excited for where we are going

Maartens Safaris was founded in 1959 by Basie Maartens as the first ever register Hunting Outfitter in Namibia (then South West Africa) before expanding all across Southern Africa. The vision was to allow discerning international hunters to travel the across Africa in search of the most iconic species and all the adventures thats go along with hunting them

Meet the Team

Craig Maartens

Now, Craig Maartens, son of Basie continues the legacy both as Outfitter and Professional Hunter. Some of Maartens Safaris are third generational, their grandfathers having hunted with Basie and themselves hunting with Craig. All through the seasons and decades the vision stayed the same. Craig has now become one of the most experienced Professional Hunters in Southern Africa having guided professionally for over 15 years over an extreme diversity of habitats and species. In addition, Craig serves on the Ex Co of the Custodians of Professional Hunting of South Africa, giving back to the industry that has provided a career for himself and his family and ensuring the legacy of hunting Africa is preserved and kept to a high standard.

Ben Weighill

In 2017, Ben Weighill joined the Maartens Safaris team. Ben grew up hearing the stories of Basie from his hunting days across Africa and this lead to a career in Professional Hunting always being in the back of his mind as he pursued his studies. After completing a Masters Degree in Zoology, Ben decided the best way to actually have a career where days are spent immersed in nature and actually adding value to wildlife in a way that it may be preserved was to become a full time professional hunter.

Ben and Craig share an aligned vision of what an African hunting safari should offer the international hunter. With an emphasis on hunting the oldest animals possible while respecting the principles of fair-chase, the resulting hunts are enjoyable and memorable for all with clientele visiting year upon year.