The sun is rising and you have arrived. Many years of dreaming and planning lay behind you – the safari of a lifetime before you. The books you read as a young outdoorsman, the stories your grandfather told you around the campfire and those images that kept your imagination alive are all about to form your own reality.

Africa welcomes you – let the hunt begin!

Our latest hunt report – Father & Son take on South Africa

We hit the ground running in 2024 with some early season tours to the Mother City of Cape Town followed by one of our speciality Western Cape hunts. Hunting and traveling the Western Cape offers unique hunting in a relatively unknown area and affords the traveling hunter to enjoy some extremely scenic locations. We subsequently welcomed a dynamic Father & Son combo to South Africa and after enjoying all Cape Town had to offer, including some fantastic Tuna fishing, the party headed as far north as possible while still in the Republic of South Africa – to our premier Limpopo concession. Our hunters were extremely successful and were amazed by the contrast and spectacle the Limpopo Valley offered. Enjoy some of the photos below and look out for our next safari report.

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